How Do We Learn How To Read?

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Apparently, the lack of memories regarding important developmental times in a child’s life is hereditary. When asking both parents of their memories of learning to read, they both had similar answers to mine - “I don’t actually remember learning how to read”. Through further questioning, we both know that our parents read to us and encouraged us to read, but that doesn’t change the fact that neither of us actually have strong memories of that point in our lives. This, of course, leads to some questions being somewhat unanswered. Although, when asking my parents what their relationship with reading is and how they felt about it growing up, their opinions were quite similar to my own; that being that reading has always been a fond memory of adolescence that has carried over to an enjoyable pastime as an adult. First, I asked my father. Even if my mother was the one to read to me the most as a child, my father was the one to often encourage my reading and writing once I learned how. As I said before, he, much like myself, has no recollection of learning to read as a child. What he does remember is how when he was in the sixth grade, he tested into the reading level of a freshman in college. He remembers how he always…show more content…
I was especially interested in receiving her attitudes towards reading due to how much her own mother loved reading a writing. Would my grandmother have encouraged and nurtured my mother’s interest in reading? The answer to that is somewhat ambiguous. In short, my mother did enjoy reading, but it was not due to the influence of my grandmother. My mother was very active in her youth, participating in things like dance and drill team. This caused much of her time to be consumed by her extracurricular activities rather than reading. This doesn’t mean she love it any less, it just means that the amount of time that my father and I invested into reading was much greater than that of my
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