How Do We Live On?

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How do we Live on? People live on through others. One of the most debatable questions in the world is, how do we live on? It is a simple answer. There is no concrete evidence that supports life after death or that sprits live on, but it is easily proven that people keep traditions, memories, and images of others. Our past is what shapes our perception therefore shapes our reality. It can be proven that people live on through others, by tradition, through memories, and through images. To confirm the conclusions made: Aristotle On the soul, Aristotle’s Allegory of the Cave, and Leonardo’s Mona Lisa will be referenced and discussed.
The most basic human actions: talking, walking, smiling, and writing are traditions people have inherited from their ancestors. These traditions are still used to communicate today, though the minds they were originated in are long past. People’s ideas live on through others. When one explains themselves to another the other can begin to possess those same opinions, thoughts, or ideas. This is shown in “Allegory of The Cave” their reality is what they have been taught to them throughout their lives. They only know what the person in front of them has shared with them, because they are chained and down and cannot move. They are shocked when they are exposed to the “real” world because they had been so isolated from it. They experience a paradigm shift; the way they view the world is completely altered in every form. The real world is such a shock
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