How Do We Watch Tv?

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Every time we watch television we always see something advertised that promises to give you a perfect pedicure, remove any kind of stain you throw at it, give you muscle strength and tone muscles so you look like the Incredible Hulk, or put anything together that comes apart or breaks. But do they really work. Our local Channel 6 News ( put some of these "As Seen On T.V." items to the test and here is what they found out. One thing they tested was the Ped Egg. This is a small egg shaped gadget that is supposed to smooth and remove calluses from feet. Well Channel 6 News tested it with a professional in the Knoxville area. Kate used the Ped Egg on one of her regular customers, Gina, and found that it is not what it says. The first thing they found was that it is no where near as gentle as advertised. It actually left "dips" in the bottom of Gina 's feet. Kate actually compared the Ped Egg to a "razor" and stated that "I think it is not safe to use at home." I have to agree. After trying it myself, I really do not like it at all. It felt like I was scraping my foot with a knife. Channel 6 News also tested out the Aqua Globes which are glass that is hand blown and stained and supposed to keep plants watered for up to two weeks. 6 News took the Aqua Globes to a University of Tennessee associate professor in Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science Department. The professor put them to the test and after two weeks found out that they delivered on their promises.
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