How Do Wechat Affect Consumer Purchasing Behaviour On Beauty Products

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1. Introduction
Nowadays, social media and Internet became part of daily life. People spend more and more time going online. Many daily activities shifted to online, for example, online shopping, communicate with friends or relatives via social media or messaging app, share feelings and thoughts on social media platforms etc.
In this paper, the aim is to investigate how do WeChat affect the consumer purchasing behaviour on beauty products in China.
In 2013, China surpassed US to become the biggest e-commerce market in the world since 2013, ( Although the market growth rate is slower than before, the market size is forecasted to reach 1 trillion US dollar by 2018 or 2019. According to the report of CIW (2015) (, cosmetics is the best selling products in China’s e-commerce market. In the age group of 30 – 39 years old women, the best seller is also cosmetics and they are willing to spend more online. According to a report of Nielson ( 84% of consumers trust recommendations from friends, and rank these recommendations as the highest trustworthy information. From the findings in a study by Ogilvy, Google and TNS, 74% of consumers agreed that word of mouth from friends, key opinion leaders or online reviews by other consumers…
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