How Do You Appreciate the Music, Performance and Cinematography of Sound of Music?

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The happiest sound in the world; a precise description given to a 1965 American musical film entitled The Sound of Music. It is in fact an exceptionally successful and well-known film at the time of its release. Others considered it as the high-point of the Hollywood musical. It is a triumphant film produced by 20th Century Fox that exemplifies award-winning cinematography, well-refined music and wholesome theatrical plays and performance. The story itself, the actors and actresses are indeed remarkable. I can assert that the movie is unquestionably joyous, uplifting and astounding. As a matter of fact, as I watch the movie, I felt various emotions like happiness, amazement and delight. The movie begins showcasing the beauty of nature.…show more content…
No wonder this film was awarded with various awards including Best Picture. The melodies, voices and songs of the movie are sensational. I can say this because the songs are delivered together with the undeniable beautiful voices of the casts which clearly express the feelings they want to convey. Happiness, gladness, romance, sorrow and even simple chats are beautified with music making it more interesting and lively. One scene I won’t forget in the movie is the chats between the sisters which talked about Maria, but still they disposed theatrical scene. The harmony of voices, tone and background music blend perfectly making it pleasant to my ear. The surprising entrance of music and songs make the film unpredictable creating greater interest to the viewers. The magical spell of song made by Maria or Andrews is doubtlessly phenomenal. She can’t sing no song, high pitch or low, lively or not, fast or slow is performed with excellence, especially when she sang Do-Re-Mi, My Favorite Things and Something Good, my favorites in the film Andrews is not just a marvelous singer, she is in fact a great performer. She can act, dance and sing gracefully. Her role as Maria has been buoyant. The overall performance and delivery of all the scenes are noted by professional that they even stated that it is a Broadway Musical brought into Motion Pictures. The actors and actresses, especially the kids, have successfully performed their roles. All of the

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