How Do You Best Leverage The Resources You Have?

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Today more than ever there are so many options, tactics and resources available that the problem isn’t necessarily finding a solution to your problems, it’s choosing one:

- Where do you start?
- What do you focus on first?
- How do you best leverage the resources you have?
- How do you know if you are on track?
- How do you assign and manage particular tasks?
- How do you measure success?

This LAP process will help you capture all of your potential options, no matter how brilliant or inspired, then organize and prioritize them. More importantly, it will help you evaluate – or “score” – them and identify what to focus on first.

From Brainstorm to Breakthrough: Breaking Down the LAP Process

The prioritization process is a scoring framework, which helps you identify what drivers really impact the success of your project. This way you can filter your options and end up with a short list of tasks that will deliver the most value in the shortest amount of time.
Regardless of the size of your company, the outcome of the process, the industry you’re in or the amount of people working on the project, the LAP process follows a very linear pattern, which means that it can work in any situation with optimal results.

LAP Linear Pattern Process
• Research: It all starts with research – facts and reality, not fantasy.
During this phase, you will have a chance to discover a few key items: Where is the company today? Where does it want to be five weeks, five months or five years…
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