How Do You Deal With Grief?

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How do you deal with Grief? What is grief? How does one cope with grief? Grief is a state of being in deep sorrow sometimes caused by someone’s death. Everyone has a different way of dealing with grief. In Tim O’Brien’s essay, How To Tell A War Story, he gives a first class view of the time he spent serving in the Vietnam war. O’Brien describes the different ways in which him and his fellow soldiers dealt with the death of other soldiers in the platoon. By recounting stories, O’Brien processes his life in Vietnam and the memories of the war him and his comrades experienced. He makes it clear that most of the stories he tells can be truthful or a version of the truth. O’Brien meshes memory and his imagination to tell stories he believes the reader would find meaningful. His approach to story telling can be related to the phenomenon of false memory. In the following paragraphs we delve into how O’Brien uses his story telling technique to recount how his fellow soldiers dealt with trauma and grief. We also analyze how O’Brien‘s story telling relates to Jack O’Brien’s podcast, ‘‘Your Memory is a Filthy Liar .’’ in which he addresses false memory. We have all lost a close friend or a relative. However, we have all dealt with such grief differently. Tim O’Brien mentions that some soldiers deal with grief or pain by focusing on the individual who lost his life rather than the trauma they were experiencing. He recounts the story of an individual by the name of Rat Riley who

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