How Do You Define Success?

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How do you define success? Is it bringing in a six-figure salary or is it being home for family dinners and having time for your favorite hobbies? Can you own a successful business and live a happy life? Striving to have both, commonly called “work-life balance,” is not new. Framed as a women’s issue for decades, today men and women are concerned about work-life balance and wonder how to have it all. I’ve come to realize that my business, which I call a “lifestyle” business, is a way to have it all. A lifestyle business is one where you fit your business around your lifestyle. I didn’t sit down and plan it that way, but looking back over the years, I am pleased to say that I built my business, The Messy Artist, around my family. Certainly this approach is not the answer for every business owner or for every type of business, but it’s a choice you make. However, if you’re searching for a more satisfying life—one where success is measured by happiness in both your work and your home life—consider the following to create a lifestyle business of your own. Examine Your Business Why People start businesses for a variety of reasons. Among the top are to spend more time with their families and to have greater control over their lives. Unfortunately, many business owners find themselves overwhelmed and discover they have less time to spend with their families and less control over their lives once they own a business. I started my business in 1999 because I wanted to find a
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