How Do You Describe What Timelessness Is To Architecture

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Chapter 7
Architecture as Part of the Environment
Describe Passive Solar Design.
Passive solar design consists of taking natural solar energy, such as that from the sun, and using it to our own advantages such as heating or cooling a building. This technique utilizes the sun's heat energy and is important in architectural designs becuase it can have an impact on bettering the environment. An example of this could be larger window placements on buildings based upon the location of the sun as well as taking into consideration the different season of the year.
Describe Active Solar Design.
Active solar uses energy sources to help capture and convert energy into sources of electricity. Thsi type of solar design utilizes uses specialized equipment to absorb energy and convert that collected energy into an electrical energy. An example of this could be
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Chapter 9
The Invention of Architecture: From Caves to Cities
1. Describe what the natural environment is
Natural environment consists of all of the living and non-living things on earth. This includes all aspects of nature such as: caves, organisms, bodies of water, trees/vegitation, etc.
Describe what the built environment is.
The built environment is any type of environment that has been altered in some way by humans (man-made). An example of this varies from buildings in a city environment to farming land in a more rural environment. Even thought these are two completly different settings, both were created by man which makes them part of the built environment.
3. Describe how one baseball team has been effected by the design of the built environment.
Describe how the dome in Florence assisted Columbus.

Provide another example other than the one proposed in class describing how the design of the built environment can affect
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