How Do You Invade My Mind Every Night? Essay

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behind her, the other on her chest to calm her racing heart. “How do you invade my mind every night? Do you seduce me with your magic?”
Rolf let out a booming laugh.
“Shhhh, what if someone hears you,” she whispered. “My father would be furious.”
“Hmm, and your reputation could be ruined. Interesting thought. It would make things much easier.” He took a step toward her.
“Stay where you are. I cannot think when you’re close.” Melissa peered up at his shadowed face. Her heart thudded with such ferocity; she could barely hear his next words. Yes, she needed space between them until he answered her questions.
“I cannot enchant you, for it would spoil my only chance at happiness.” Head bent, looked at her from under thick black lashes. “You have heard of Merlin?”
“Everyone knows that legend.” She crossed her arms. “What does it have to do with me?”
“He is more than a mere legend.”
“Even if he did truly live hundreds of years ago, how does that put you in my dreams?” She paused, remembering the mist and forest. “The old man in the tree—”
“Is Merlin, and he is very much alive. Why don’t you sit down while I tell his story.” He gently guiding Melissa back to her chair. Once she was settled, Rolf continued.
“During the time of King Arthur’s reign, Merlin fell in love with a young woman named Vivien. Since she was not attracted to him, he lured her to his side by teaching her enchantments. She grew very fond of him but still did not love him romantically.
“Merlin became angry and

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