How Do You Like Flowers For Algernon

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I enjoyed Flowers for Algernon quite a lot. I just finished reading this novel and it struck me as both a deep and intense read. There was the constant lingering feeling that Charlie was getting more and more intelligent as the story progressed. Be it at the start of the book when Charlie was a dumb and naive. We, the readers were introduced to a Charlie before he had the surgery. You could see in the early parts of the novel that Charlie had no idea what was going on around him. I found this to be important as the story moved forward. Without this beginning part of the book, Charlies changes in intelligence would not have been so profound.

Another aspect of Flowers for Algernon that I enjoyed was the powerful coming of age messages that were clear throughout. Charlie starts realising that the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. He starts realizing that his “friends” are not really friends at all. I found this very interesting, I also found it sad to see that Charlie's growth was negatively affecting his emotions, because of the rapid increase of intelligence Charlies sexual emotions did not have time to develop. As you see with Fay and Alice, Charlie has trouble overcoming his past. Charlie has multiple
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After i counted up to ten over and over again on my fingers I went to look for them. I kept looking until it got cold and dark and I had to go home.” This quote shows me just how mean people really were to Charlie in his youth. He was an outcast and picked on for something he couldn’t help and not knowing that people were so brutally mean to him until years after the fact must hurt. I think this quote shows coming of age themes in the novel. I also think that it makes it very clear to the reader that mental growth at such a speed can be hard
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