'How Do You Like Your Vegemite' Campaign

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‘How do You Like Your Vegemite’ Campaign Vegemite, one of Australia's best valued brands, an 85 year old icon, was in failure. Since May 2000 brand diffusion had been worn considerably. And, with Vegemite being a vital 'driver brand' for the Kraft company in Australia, this was a critical concern for the company. The main contributor for this failure was Australian houses without children. Brand statistics discovered that for this group, a significant portion of the population, Vegemite was no longer loved as it formerly was. Several houses had lapsed and were just not buying it. The Kraft Marketing team required to produce an united campaign that would motivate customers' relationship and communication with the Vegemite brand. Profoundly, the campaign was about re-building a connection amongst Australia and Vegemite. The main goal of this activity was to link with new Australians and familiarize the spread, and to re-engage with former users. Kraft worked with IBM to gather research using IBM's COBRA technology, which exposed that Vegemite was found more frequently than and other product worldwide. The research also revealed that one of the main helpful on-line discussions was about the diverse ways that people relished their Vegemite. This provided the team a great catch for announcing the How Do You Like Your Vegemite campaign. Through an assimilated campaign, people were compelled to the How Do You Like Your Vegemite website, where they listed their favored ways of

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