How Do You Plan For Attract New Applicants?

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How do you plan to attract new applicants?

The first step to attract new applicants will be to begin image advertising (Dessler, 2015). This is help give the company a positive image that will appeal to those currently searching for jobs. Since the company is looking for external candidates as opposed to internal candidates, they must look at the factors affecting their recruitment process such as the legal environment, and current labour markets. Companies have began to employ workers to work part time which is something Farelle industries should consider as their main reason for increasing the workforce is to complete one contract. The company should also consider the legal environment so that they do not commit systemic discrimination (Dessler, 2015).

The company can attract new applicants through job advertisements, newspapers, and television. As the city they are hiring from is populated with 10,000 people, Farelle could use blind ads so that they do not get an abundance of inadequate resumes. Recruiting events including networking events such as job fairs could also be used to attract new workers. They may receive walk-ins, job seekers arriving at human resource centers, dropping off resumes. The company could also use employee referrals to attract job seekers. This will be an advantage, as the job seeker’s will know about the company based off what current employees have told them, and will be more attracted to the organization. Farelle industries could also…
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