How Do You Protect Your Information Systems?

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How do you protect your Information Systems (IS) and their information from unauthorized use, access, modifications, disruptions destruction or recording? With an Information Security Policy that was enacted to protect Information Systems and their information with rules and guidance that limit the type of actions of the unit or organization. There is no cookie cutter Information Security Policy’s for every company or organization. Information Security Policies are designed based on a company or organization’s technological systems, information based on classification of information in the organization, contractual and legal limitations dependent on laws and contracts pertaining to the organization and the risk level that the organizations management is willing to accept. There are many areas within the Information Security Policy one of the most important areas is Risk Management. Risk Management is what company’s use to mitigate the risks to their company and its assets. Risk management is a living document in the fact that it must be constantly reviewed and updated to stay current with the changing threats. The document should also be reviewed in the event that a significant breech or accident causes information loss. The Information Security Policy must be realistic and practical. Organizations must be able to properly identify whether is effective or ineffective. One of the resources that are utilized to rate the plan or risk level would be a Risk Management
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