How Do You Read As A Reader

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Early and Personal Reading Experiences
1. Describe your earliest memory of reading before and after you entered school.
To be honest I do not remember reading before entering school. The only think that I recall is the book of The Three Little Pigs and a first grade book filled of short stories and fables.

2. How did you learn to read?
I learned to read when I was in first grade thanks to my teacher and my mother.

3. Think of a “sponsor” for reading as a person, event, idea, material, or object that has influenced or encouraged your reading. (may be a relative, a teacher, an author, politics, religion, magazine, book, toy, organization, computer) Who or what has been a sponsor for reading for you?
As a little kid I did not like
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Why do you think people read?
I believe that some people read because they are somehow forced to do it and some others read because it is something that they enjoy doing.

5. What skills and knowledge do you think a reader needs in order to be considered a good reader?
A good reader is one who reads critically and make connections with the text and previous knowledge.

Topics and Meaning
6. What kinds of texts do you read? How do you choose texts to read for pleasure? How many texts would you estimate you’ve read in the last year? Who are your favorite authors? What topics do you read about?
Most of my readings I do is for my classes. However in my free time I like to read historical fiction and narratives. I estimate that last year
I read at least 4 adult books and around 25 children books including picture books, fables and novels, etc. Of all the books I read my favorite author is Sherman Alexie, I feel that he really conveys his ideas and feelings through writing. Moreover, I feel much identified with his book The True Diary of A Part-Time
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Do you think your culture (i.e. family, ethnicity, community) influences what you read? If so, how?
I strongly believe that who we are has been shaped by. I strongly believe that the people and the environment we are exposed to shape who we are. For example, if our family, community or culture do not promote and value reading we very likely are going to follow the same line.

Aesthetics of Reading
8. What do you like most and least about reading?
What I like most about reading is that really open one’s eyes to the outside world and one can see things from different perspectives. The more we read the more we learn and grow as a person. The least I like about reading is that when is mandatory can be very tedious.

9. What activities have resulted from your reading? (For example: participation in book clubs, informal discussions, written responses, artistic responses, etc.)
As part of my Children’s literature course I went to an elementary to read aloud to children and they loved it. I had a wonderful time and I gained some experience selecting books aligned with the TEKS.

10. What do you enjoy when talking about your reading with
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