How Do You Represent Yourself As A Future Nurse?

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How do you represent yourself as a future nurse? I represent myself as a nurse by caring for my children when they are sick and educating my children about their bodies. I have also have to use the Heimlich maneuver on my son when he was a little under one year old. My son was choking on a dime and I reacted very quickly when I saw he was turning blue and could not make any sounds. I quickly turned my son on his back and began thrusting his back and the dime flew out of his mouth. I have also used CPR to revive a puppy. My dog delivered her puppies in the cold one day that she was accidentally forgotten outside. I went out once I realized my dog was outside and discovered that she had delivered three puppies and one was dead, he had no pulse, and very cold. I began CPR on the puppy and put him skin to skin with me to raise his body temperature. After about thirty minutes of attempting to revive the puppy I notices signs of life. I brought that puppy back to life and he is now two years old and his name is Zombie. Why is it important to know how others perceive you as a future professional nurse? As a nurse, people are putting their life in my hands and it is important for me to know how others perceive me as a nurse so that I may work on the areas I lack. For example: If people perceive me as a person who is likely to commit error then I know I need to work on my confidence. What happens to informal communication when the nonverbal behavior is incongruent with what is being

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