How Do You Think Planning? Today 's Organizations

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Chapter 4: How do you think planning in today’s organizations compares to planning in an organization 25 years ago? Do you think planning becomes more important or less important in a world where everything quickly changes and crises are a regular part of organizational life? Why?

In the past twenty give years there have been many changes in our world which have impacted business organizations, such as the rise of cell phones, the internet, and further globalization. Companies that have not be able to keep pace with the changes in technology, consumer taste, and marketing strategies have been relegated as dinosaurs and have destroyed themselves with this lack of adaptability. The need of an organization to conduct formal planning is widely accepted in today’s complex and rapidly changing environment and is a large factor in determining whether an organization will be successful (Khan & Khalique, 2014; Mehrabani & Mohamad, 2011; Fedrickson & Mitchell, 1984; Leontiades & Tezel, 1980). This has not necessarily been found to be true in historic application, as some studies have found that there is no strong association between corporate performance and whether that organization is a formal or informal planner (Miller & Cardinal, 1994; Leontiades & Tezel, 1980).
Planning may be very important to the success of an organization, but an organization must also be flexible and be able to adapt to survive. Even though making concrete long term plans seems to be something that would…
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