How Do You View Ho Chi Minh? A Committed Communist Or A Nationalistic Patriot?

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How do you view Ho Chi Minh? A committed communist or a nationalistic patriot?

Ho Chi Minh was a North Vietnamese leader. Ho Chi Minh led North Vietnam as a Communist. Ho Chi Minh also had the desire to see his country declaring its independence from the French empire which colonized his country for decades. In short, this can be said of Ho Chi Minh: Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist at heart and a Communist out of necessity. Below, there will be a discussion to support the hypothesis made regards to Ho Chi Minh and the magnitude of Ho Chi Minh’s nationalism and preference to the Communist movement mainly supported by North Vietnam, China and the Soviet Union against the non-Communist movement mainly led by the United States of America and its allies as well as South Vietnam and some groups within the Communist North Vietnam which Ho Chi Minh has led as the Prime Minster of North Vietnam and then as the President of North Vietnam. Any indications that could falsify the aforementioned hypothesis will also be discussed to see if that could be justified or excused to maintain the hypothesis remain true. As stated in the lecture for Political Science 458 – The Vietnam Wars, Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist who wanted Vietnam to gain its independence from its colonizer – France. France occupied Vietnam during the period of 1887 – 1954, when Vietnam declared its independence after a war against France and the subsequent withdrawal of France from Vietnam as a result of France’s
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