How Does A History Book Tell Lies Essay

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History books tell lies. Now, you may be thinking, “Well that is ridiculous. History books tell facts, and facts cannot be lies”, but they can. My history book tells me that the idea of “Global Warming” was just a chinese conspiracy, but I know that is not true. It is now 2150, and it has been 133 years since Donald Trump was the President of the United States. Trump’s belief that climate change was just a myth spread through homes like a wildfire, one that has still not been put out. I watch the news and see states being drowned along with the people who inhabit them. People see what is happening and know that their ignorance is the reason for the death that surrounds them. In some places of the country people’s mouths are drying out while…show more content…
In 2150, the top 1% are still living a life of luxury while watching the rest of drown (in some cases literally). The poor have been shipped to the states that are suffering from the most severe consequences, while the rich have all gathered together to enjoy the states that are still somewhat habitable. Luckily, my family and I have not yet been transported to our future home in Maine. Many people have spoke about a revolution, but like the trip to Mars, I do not think it will occur in my lifetime. Of course, there have been protest and people have tried to end the discrimination, but many die quickly after reaching their new homes. My mom and I have thought about going into hiding, but we do not know where we would go. The rich always find the poor wherever they hide. I have heard talk of a group of people who will help those who are going to be shipped away soon, but unlike global warming, the group probably is just a conspiracy. I sometimes think that maybe someone will come help us, but then I again remember that hope is foolish and I return to my realistic way of living, living in fear. If one day things do change, it will be a miracle, a miracle that was not caused by humans since we can only cause
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