How Does A Man Clean Himself?

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How often does a man clean himself? Does he do it much or barely at all? When men are around each other, they are uncaring about whether or not they look or smell good, but if you were to throw a female in the mix most men would try to look and smell more decent to impress. I choose to analyze an AXE advertisement which in itself explains my theory above. Inside the ad provides two people, a man and a woman, both of them are clearly undressed. In between shows the product the ad is trying to sell, axe body wash. The man is applying the product to him taking a shower. The woman on the other hand is not. Instead, the woman is applying whip cream to her chest, and she’s doing it for a reason. I noticed how the creators of the ad placed things how they wanted it to be. The spokespeople for the ad are both in their early twenties. Both of them are positioned in the exact same way, but the emotions they show is what gives off a difference. The man’s face is relaxed and calm while the woman’s shows an expression of a sexual pleasure. At the bottom of the ad, there is a sentence that states, “The Cleaner You Are the Dirtier You Get.” All of the letters in the sentence were capitalized. The first part, “The cleaner you are” is below the male spokesperson while the second part, “the dirtier you get,” is under the female spokesperson. What separates the two spokespeople is the bottle of body wash its advertising. From the VALS index, I believe the audience that the ad is trying
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