How Does A Middle Paragraph Differ From The Structure Of An Introductory Paragraph? Essay

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Angel Zhang
English 2 HP
Mr. Hodges
12 August 2015
LAW Summer Assignment
Chapter 6
1. How does the structure of a middle paragraph differ from the structure of an introductory paragraph? From that of a concluding paragraph?
a. The introductory and concluding paragraphs lead to or from a point, resulting in “triangular” formats, whereas the middle paragraphs are points, so they are rectangular shaped.
2. What is the main purpose of paragraphing?
a. The main purpose of paragraphing is to separate ideas, so that they could all be fully developed without the interference of other ideas.
3. Students of composition are advised to write “big” paragraphs while they are learning. Why?
a. While learning to write, longer paragraphs force the writer to think more, so that they will be able to cut out the parts that are unnecessary in the future.
4. In what way does the structure of a paragraph resemble the structure of a full essay?
a. The structures of a paragraph and a full essay are similar because they both include a beginning, a middle, and an end.
5. What is the function of the first sentence in a paragraph?
a. The first sentence in a paragraph is the topic sentence, which tells the reader about what the rest of the paragraph is about.
6. What is the function of the middle section of a paragraph?
a. The middle section of the paragraph gives details and illustrates what the main point is about.
7. Why does the three-part paragraph structure automatically insure the
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