How Does A Tree Grow In Brooklyn

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Having finished the novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I felt contented knowing Francie was able to make it to college, due to her ambitious and committed nature, like I had predicted in my previous journal entry. As a result of this, the Nolans are able to escape the vicious cycle of poverty. In my opinion, the ending of the novel was very contrasting to the ending of Things Fall Apart, as Okonkwo, who at the beginning of the book was very ambitious, failed to live up to his character’s trait(s) and resorted to committing a “womanly” action. Furthermore, Francie, after her father’s death, remembers the good times she spent with him, yet she vows to herself to never drink and steers herself in a completely different direction to that of her fathers. However, during the first of the novel, Francie wanted to be similar to her even though, during the first half of the novel, she wanted to be like her father. This reminded me of Okonkwo, who refused to be characterized by his father’s deeds, yet at the end of the novel he commits a “womanly” action and is deemed weak, much like his father. This shows the diverging natures of Francie and Okonkwo, who started off as similar characters (aspiring and committed), yet, one of them is able to…show more content…
In which one novel considered men to be stronger than woman, while the other novel illustrated a totally opposite view. However, after finishing the second half of my novel, I’ve realized that despite the contrasting views on whom is the strongest amongst the two genders, both novels were quite similar regarding the rights of women. Both books give more importance to men when it comes to gaining success, even though they may be less deserving and incompetent for this opportunity. Due to this reason, the women, who are more capable and have a greater potential for gaining success, are abstained from being given this
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