How Does Advertising Persuade One Person?

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There are many ways advertisement can persuade one person to buy the specific product. Making advertisements is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time to make one good advertisement. Before even start making an advertisement, they need to determine who will be the audience. Whenever someone open television, they will see many kinds of advertisement playing every single minute, however, only one can successfully persuade someone with their product. To persuade them they need to play it on correct time and channel. The more powerful advertisement is, the more impression it going to leave on the audience. As In the article “How Advertisement Persuade,” Catherine Gourley explains the process into four persuasive tactics. They are Testimonial, Slice of life, Life style and Demonstration. There are limited word not more than 65 words or typically an advertisement is not more than 30 seconds on television. Well before we see it on television, one advertisement takes many months. They need to relate the product to a specific audience. Also they have to make persuasive messages to the audience so that they spend their money on that specific product. “Milk sales had soured. In fact, milk consumption had been declining for more than 25 years all across America. Then along came Amy Heinemann and her team of creative thinkers at the International Dairy Foods Association. Their advertising mission was to get more people to drink more milk.”(Gourley). They showed the pros of milk as
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