How Does America Solve Food Deserts? Essay

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How does America Solve Food Deserts? In Eric Holt-Gimenez’s article, “The Fight over Food Deserts: Corporate America Smacks Its Way Down”, the author provides answers the food desert epidemic facing the United States today. A food desert is an area in which fresh and nutritious food is not readily available to the masses. Whether it be because of economic or geographic reasons, the fresh ingredients are often scarce and expensive. Gimenez first addresses the corporate aspect of food desert problem and how the big box companies are looking to take advantage of impoverished neighborhoods (Holt-Gimenez 525). Next, Gimenez states a solution to the problem; improving wages for the working class, not providing big business with more money to move into local areas(Holt-Gimenez 526-527). While I agree with Gimenez that having the government fund the big chain stores is not the solution; I do not think that raising the minimum wage is the answer. To solve the food desert problem, the farmers and local grocers need to be funded by the government. First, our nationwide economy cannot support a minimum wage of something like $15 per hour. The United States dollar is not the same in Idaho as it is in Washington. Our dollar carries different values per state and the state by state minimum wages support this. In Washington, the minimum wage is $9.49, while Idaho has the nationally allowed low of $7.25. This can be attributed to a variety of reasons: exports, education, and availability

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