How Does Amma Commit Adultery

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Adultery is defined as any act of sexual intercourse between a married person and someone who is not theirspouse. 'omeone commits adulterybecause sheNhe is driven by hisNherpsychological condition. Acoording to Freud's theory, it is the act that works based on the pleasure principle drives him or her in committing adultery
As stated above that Amma's adultery with the two men is caused by her dissatisfaction on her marriage with Charles. Amma who likes reading romantic novels and has infuenced by the story of the novels makes her have a romantic dream that makes her unable to differentiate between reality and illusion.
She commits adultery since her husband cannot fulfll what she needs. Her first adultery is committed with Rodolphe. It is her act that makes her fallin love with Rodolphe when he teases her by using romantic words that she never hears from her husband. T hestrength of
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She knows that committing adultery is wrong, but her id drive makes her not able to resist from doing adultery with Rodolphe. Why this adultery is committed cannot be separated from the stupidity of her husband who always thinks that Emma is happy and will never betray him.Emma's adultery is committed not only with Rodolphe, but also with Leon who she meets again in the theater in Rouen incidentally. Leon who did not have any courage to love her at his first time meeting Emma, at her second chance he is braver and more aggressive in seducing Emma. Emma who has been disappointed by Rodolphe and thirst of a passionate love, plans away to meet her id's drive to fulfill her dream. Turning a corner, she would recognize him by his curly hair, which invariably escaped from beneath his hat.Leon continued along the pavement. She followed him to the hotel; he climbed the stairs, opened the door, entered the room... then, what an
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