How Does An Author 's Life Influence Their Writing?

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How Does an Author’s Life Influence Their Writing? Authors have inspired and created some of the most remarkable ideas that can change just one life or many; however, these authors must have had inspiration themselves. An author’s life influences who they are and what they do, writing. Edgar Allan Poe was a unique author who wrote numerous dark, mysterious works, such as “The Tell Tale Heart,” that were inspired by his life full of sorrow and despair. Comparable to Poe, S.E. Hinton’s writing was affected by her life of being different from the world and even her friends, which led to her writing about a unique character who stands out in The Outsiders. Lastly, Elie Wiesel is alike to the previous authors. His life, burdened by ceaseless pain that he bore through, reflects in his writing in Night. Anybody’s life can change from just one significant moment that they have lived, no matter who they are or what they do. Edgar Allan Poe, S.E. Hinton, and Elie Wiesel had been just average people who have challenged events in their lives which who used those events to write. Edgar Allan Poe’s writing had certainly been impacted by his life. Poe was born to his mother, Eliza Poe, in 1809. However, his alcoholic father, David Poe Jr., had left him. His mother later died of Tuberculosis when he was still young. Although he had joined the Allan Family, this absence of his parents brought him to be lonely. His foster father, John Allan, raised Poe as if he was his own, but Poe and his
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