How Does Art And Music Help With Language Development?

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How does art and music help with language development? Imagine a classroom in which children sing every day, establishing singing as an important social and cultural experience in each child 's life. Singing is celebratory and social, establishing meaningful connections to children 's lives and experiences, such as birthdays, welcomes, sports events, and festivals (Ministry of Education, 2001). Researchers recognized that musical activities reinforce many aspects of language development. For example: chanting, rhythmic speaking, signing and listening are all experiences that help support language development. Speech is parallel to music elements such as contrast in pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre and other expressive qualities. These…show more content…
In summary, musicians show enhanced auditory processing of a nature that supported stronger responses to sound than their nonmusical peers (Skoe Ô£ Kraus 2012), better attention and working memory (Tierney and Kraus, 2013), and better processing of speech in noise (Strait, Parbery-Clark, O 'Connell, & Kraus, 2013). All these skills relate to the beginning of reading. Another method of helping children develop and help with language development is through a “word wall”. Word walls are a systematically organized collection of words displayed in large letters on a wall or another large display placed in the classroom (Gursky, 2007; McCarrier, Pinnell, & Fontas, 2000). For example: an educator can display the ABC’s around the classroom in large letters. When the educator sings the ABC song the students are also following along looking and familiarizing each letter. This is a very effective way in teaching the child his or hers ABC’s. That’s how I learned my ABC’s in kindergarten, and that’s how I taught my daughter’s their ABC’s at an even younger age. Repeating the ABC’s and simultaneously showing the child images of living and or non-living things that begin with the letters. The child will familiarize with both images and letters. School aged students, using a word wall for their sight words such as “the” “and” “to” will help the child to being reading short
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