How Does Art Reflect Greek Culture

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Culture in Art Arts reflect the society that creates and design them. Each group of people have a different way of displaying their culture through art. It reveals many aspects of a culture through symbolism. Art can come in any material, shape, or form. It can reveal their practice of religion, political power, time period, clothing, animals, food, housing, values, and beliefs they live by. Art can be made by a variety of material, shape, or form. People make art for satisfaction, enjoyment, worship, record of events, stories, maps, ownership, traditions, and to increase our knowledge of understanding. To start of with I will explain how art reflects culture.

Art reflects culture by showing how it came to be. For example, in the Greek culture it reflects the ancient myths and the stories that go along with the art tell how particular places got their names and characteristics. Art is a reflection of how it was lived and created by the people at that time period. Some things art reflects is what clothing they dressed themselves in or what style, what food they consumed, or which god or gods they worshipped. It helps shape the culture by showing what was considered
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The Minoan culture cherished fertility, the ability to bare children, which is what this statue represents. She is a reminder of where they came from. Women in the Minoan culture had more power over the men which means they were highly respected. You can tell it is from the 20th century by the type of material it is made up of, faience glass, gold, and wood. Also, the clothing she is wearing is traditional Minoan clothing consisting of a long skit, a tightly fitted top that crops her breasts out to where they are exposed, she has a hat that appears to be placed on top of her head and in each hand she is grasping a snake. This statue was part of the Minoan culture explaining one of their beliefs and representing the “normal
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