How Does Australia's Industrial Revolution Affect The Economy?

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The industrial revolution made a change will remain almost forever. There is a revolution that has produced since it appeared a split between developed countries and undeveloped countries. It means that all this century the developed countries were the main economic leaders in the contemporary world. However, all this explanation looks like an old concept. Nowadays all over the world are looking how Australia’s emblematic car factory as Holden with more than 150 in the market with Ford and Toyota also are facing their closures. It is incredible that almost one century ago the best automotive brands run their business in this country, which the automobile industries meant develop capacity in most of the countries, and now in this country, these brands are closing. Furthermore, Australian Government has produced in his decision to stop and
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General Motors, the “mother company” has faced many troubles in the past, and surfaced. A research by the National Research Council in the United States has revealed in 1992 that there had many impacts and future impacts in the automotive industry, indeed; it would affect the jobs and the internal economy. However, General Motors understood the threat potential that this and established strategic plans to revert the trend. Furthermore, whether General Motor Company was able to change the trend, and it saw the internal and external factors, prepared a strategic plan, Holden being the first brand in Australia, with at least just the 10 % of the population compared with the USA, the way to get a plan looks easier. In addition, it is easier to see a trend in countries with low population and good policymakers. In 2008 General Motors faced again the limit to bankruptcy. A fierce plan to develop and a new business association with FIAT made that GM avoid the dissolution. Even do all Europe have had a similar crisis( Boudette & Choudhury,
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