How Does Autism Start?

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Sainab Sahal
SLHS 4301 When does autism start?

Parents of two children are searching for treatments to help their autistic children who can 't communicate their feels or needs. They have tried many therapies conventional or unconventional and all they want is to treat their children to live an independent life. Autism is a mysterious disorder for the great doctors who have found cure for many other mysterious diseases. Researchers don 't know the cause each child to behave differently from others with the same disorder or how to treat the best that doesn’t more problems to the children with the disorder.
Researchers are searching for ways to recognize the disorder in infants, since early diagnosis and early intervention are important for the first years of the children and can help treatment of autism. The teachings of normal communication behaviors that could easily improve their life, and help them work on improving autistic behaviors that could be better than the children who are later diagnosed with autism.
As discussed in the article the neurological disorder of Autism comes from the physical form of the disorder, like the size of the head that has unusually rapid growth, in theory happens because of the overgrowth of neuronal connections, so the brain didn 't clear out the biological debris as it formed new circuits as it would normally have, meaning that pruning process was amiss.

Most of the children with autism have deficits in

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