How Does Barack Obama Protect Our City?

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Barack Obama did a great job protecting our city. He have made some great decisions, and excellent out comes. He wonted our city to come out with a better outcome with our president. He wanted a president to do better than he was doing. He kept refreshing the news to make sure his eyes was reading the right winner of the election 2016. Really appreciated him very much, and wish you could serve another term in the White House.

Roberson reported that, “The truth is, President Obama has never spoken sternly enough about the tyranny that faces black people in America” (paragraph.2). Obama has been through enough. He’s trying to go little at a time. He never talked about a lot of things Even far is other blacks kill me other black. Sometimes he let things go as planned it and never focus on one thing. He’s trying to make our community better not blame others for others mistakes.
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Some people don’t believe Obama. Sometimes Barack Obama can’t offend you and make you feel if he wasn’t on your side. But he’s just trying to get a point across to say everyone is equal. So maybe at some point you will feel. Where he's coming from on some of his speeches.

Roberson reported that, “He has also begun the legwork on criminal justice reform, becoming the first sitting president to visit a prison, commuting a record total of sentences, and banning solitary confinement of juveniles in federal prisons. Barack Obama wanted to fix everything that was kind Of dealing with rasium. He knew a lot of black man’s was in jail. Some miniros was in juve for life. He wonted to much thing better, and fair for those
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