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Art history

How does Baxandall indicate the production of painting changed as the Renaissance developed? How did the conception of the artist evolve during the period of the Renaissance?
Baxandall describes the fifteenth century as a century where clients would order what they needed instead of purchasing the already made products (Michael 2). He continues to describe how this affected the production of painting. The less known or recognized artist would have to produce readymade arts in order to attract clients. However, the already established artists would wait for clients to make the specific orders that they required. Baxandall argues that the production of painting was hence influenced by the clients
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Michelangelo is viewed as a person who is unlikely to complete any commissions. He is described as a character that has difficulties when it comes to relationship and love to engage in sexual relationship with the male counterparts (Michelangelo & Leonardo, 29). His character is tortured and shows the emotional burden associated with being different from the rest of the society or having genius creativity. The unique personality of the character is always celebrated but the society always views the person as an outsider. Leonardo’s character is portrayed in similar manner. He is a genius whose ability in painting, mathematics and engineering earn him a good reputation in the society. Like Michelangelo, he is also a bisexual and an opium addict. Despite his genius nature, the society views his superhuman abilities as strange and therefore sees Leonardo as an outsider (Michelangelo & Leonardo, 30). The master
Is viewed as a metaphor because the artists are viewed as genius and superhuman who are capable to adapt to the modern and innovative society but they are filled with doubts and struggle in their daily lives.
Can you think of a contemporary celebrity or other public figure that conforms to the biographical template for the “great artist” advanced by Donahue?

Sheldon’s character in the Big Bang Theory is quite that of a public figure (Beahm 20). As per his character traits, he also proves to be a great artist. His work in

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