How Does Baz Luhrmann Use Cinematography In The Great Gatsby

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Baz Luhrmann stuns audiences by fusing F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby, with modern day elements in 21st century cinematography. Luhrmann modernizes the classic tale by casting the famous Leonardo Dicaprio as Gatsby himself and Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan. The plot evolves beginning with aspiring writer, Nick Carraway moving from the Midwest to New York City, in 1922. He is instantly immersed in a sensational new world full of bootleggers, alleviating morals, and the escalating stock business. Nick moves in next store to the enigmatic, millionaire, Jay Gatsby; who lives directly across the bay from Nick’s cousin Daisy. The movie is just as optically dazzling as one might imagine.
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