How Does Being Homeless Affect An Individual's Human Rights?

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This investigation will be looking at how being homeless affects an individual’s life as well as looking at what the State and Federal governments in currently doing to assist homeless people. The investigation is divided into three main sections.
1. How does being homeless affect an individual’s human rights?
2. What responsibilities do local authorities have in assisting homeless people? What are local authorities currently doing to assist the homeless and what are their obligations?
The information presented in this investigation has been collected from various secondary resources such as Government Homelessness Australia and charity organisations. As well as including primary sources from Government run organisations, an
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In order to reduce homelessness, it is recommended that there needs to be national legislation to ensure that people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness receive quality services, adequate support to meet their needs and are treated with dignity and respect. In 2013 the Federal Government plans to launch a $5 million research project that will help them to better understand why people become homeless in Australia (, this plan is controversial as many people argue that the money could be used to better accommodate and help homeless people instead of “ finding out why they are homeless” ( In addition to this plan the Federal Government has also set itself the goal of halving overall homelessness by 2020, and providing supported accommodation to all rough sleepers who seek it by 2020 ( A Federal government run organisation expressed that “Homelessness is not just for the Government to solve” but that the responsibility lies with everyone in the community. What does this information say about the focus…show more content…
One of the most proactive organisations in South Australia is Streetwise SA. Is a course created for the project to enable students with poor literacy skills to be able to pass a first aid course that would normally be out of their reach. Most homeless services are run by local churches, this mainly due to the moral beliefs that they value. Other local charities such as Red Cross often run training programs for the homeless for the past couple of years in a series of venues around the Adelaide
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