How Does Beowulf Present The Anglo-Saxon Culture

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The audience of Beowulf can seek information about the Anglo-Saxon culture in the text because of the various religions, beliefs, practices, and values presented: thus, the audience can use Beowulf to examine Anglo-Saxon culture. The Anglo-Saxons have a rich of history that is shown in Beowulf on many occasions. When the Anglo-Saxons made themselves present they brought with them culture. Their culture differing with the prominent Christianity take over during the unknowns authors when writing the nearly thousand-year-old poem. The monk, the unknown author, used Anglo-Saxon throughout Beowulf top aid to Beowulf’s quest.
Before one can look at Beowulf he/she needs to examine the religion's beliefs during the poet's time. There are two main
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The culture thrives on trust, integrity, and bravery. Bravery is a whole other topic by itself. The amount of bravery and heroism is what earns the individual's reputation. The person must uphold their reputation and leave behind in cowardice.
For example, Beowulf, the main character, exhibits all of the characteristics of the Anglo-Saxon culture. He is known from all of the nations for a man of bravery and recklessness. He exhibits the pagan beliefs. One can see the paganism when he speaks of vengeance to the king of Hrothgar. The killing of Grendel’s mother is an act of revenge. Then one can examine the paganism beliefs followed up by Christianity. The poet uses Christianity to somehow reason Beowulf and the other responses. There is a continuation of reminding the people of God’s will and what he would want.
What does this all mean? It means the poet must have worn the poem during a time of the rising of Christianity and the disappearing of Christianity. One can examine how religion influences the actions of others by analyzing the characters. Pagan ideas were brought forth through many characters but were quickly simmered down with
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