How Does Bilbo Show Courage

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Courage is a great character trait which is built from the ground up through past experiences in a person’s life. Risks are excellent examples of experiences that a person needs in order to become stronger. In the book - Bilbo, the burglar - takes on many tasks where he put himself in danger, even though he is the one with the least practice in these kinds of situations. He always listens to the team, and did what they asked. On all missions Bilbo is given, he always sees things to the end. Though he may say occasionally that, “I wish I was at home in my nice hole by the fire, with the kettle just beginning to sing!”(31), he pulls through for the team with determination. In order to become truly brave, people need to get their priorities straight, and focus on the task at hand.…show more content…
I might refuse. I have got you out of two messes already, which were hardly in the original bargain, so that I am, I think, already owed some reward. But ‘third time pays for all’ as my father used to say, and somehow I don’t think I shall refuse. Perhaps I have begun to trust my luck more than I used to in the old days, but anyway, I think I will go and have a peep at once and get it over.”(198) is what Bilbo had to say to Thorin when their ultimate goal was going to be accomplished. Bilbo forgot about the dangers, about his old home, about his rewards, he just wanted to help, and the fearless Bilbo was brought out of him. Courage is a hard thing for a person to acquire, but can be obtained by their achievements and
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