How Does Bill C-51 Violate Human Rights

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This book addresses the possibility of losing the right to voice opinions as being a scholar that shall compromise the academic freedom on University and College campuses due to the implementation of this Act. It helped me further understand Bill C-51 and give me a detailed insight as to how it will personally affect both; my peers and myself. This book talks about the horrendous experience of an innocent Syrian-born Canadian citizen, Maher Arar who was detained and tortured under the anti-terrorism act. This book will further strengthen my stance as to why this bill is not mandatory or efficient in today’s globalized society.
The article explains the pros and cons of the exertion of Bill C-51, which will help to acquire a wider perspective
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It will assist in determining whether I am for or against the bill as it reveals the impacts it might have on certain issues that I care about as a Canadian and World citizen
This article highlights the main differences and similarities between bill C-51 and the US patriot act and how it effects the respective countries. It will aid in accomplishing a comparison between the two for my research paper.
In this article, the author highlights the ways in which the bill violates human rights of Canadian citizens in detail. The information provided, is essential for my research paper as I am going to be arguing against this act.
In this article the author gives us a sense of the disturbances caused by the US patriot act regarding racial profiling and discrimination. It will help me compare it with the Canadian terrorism act for my research paper and better understand its social effects on the society regarding sensitive issues; race, gender, culture.
This newspaper article informs the reader about the reasoning behind the implementation of bill C-51 and why it is essential for preventing acts of terrorisms. It will contribute towards my research paper with reference to better explaining the bill and its
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