How Does Biological Sex Affect Society?

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In American society, we have assigned certain characteristics, clothing, and behaviors to two, generally accepted genders, male and female. In most families, you are expected to follow the normal behavior of the gender that also aligns with you biological sex. This idea that biological sex should determine your gender expression immediately ignores and excludes people who are born into intersex identities. Furthermore, this ideal disagrees with the idea that people have the choice to define themselves and their gender outside of societal norm. This idea also limits the everyday behaviors of the average person without much coercing. To keep others from deviating from gender norms, people have setup many ways of policing others actions so that they follow along and be a part of their prescribed gender. Speaking from my experience, I believe that there are three big influences that try to keep people in a cis-gendered box. Those constricting influences are familial relationships, societal pressures, and the last are institutional incentives. Societal pressures and what is expected from people of each gender also make people conform to certain behaviors of personhood. Society is able to enforce this by instilling core values that we all feel like we must police each with. I will speak on the male perspective of this and for men there are six pillars that we have that address those core values we should follow ourselves and look for other to follow. The first value of manhood,
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