How Does Birth Order Affect Personality?

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Every human being has a unique personality caused by either genetic difference or different social interaction based on environment. However, siblings have genetic similarity and grow up in similar environment yet they develop different personality. According to most psychologists, birth-order has an effect on personality. As observed in history, many world leaders/dictators are first-born child as exemplified by Alexander the great, Andrew Jackson, Adolf Hitler, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, etc., who have ruled the land and share personality of having control over a population along with the charisma of vocalizing their thoughts. Since first-born shows distinctive characteristics, this research paper wants to explore why do first born develop certain sets of personality that differs them from their siblings. Also,…show more content…
Michael Grose, the author of the book Why First-borns Rule The World And Last-borns Want To Change It, suggest that from the moment human beings born, they struggle for scarce resources such as: parents’ time, love, and affection. Since, the first child does not have any rivalry for the resources, he/she receive all the attention and “identify strongly with power” which causes conscientious and achievement-oriented personality. Furthermore, this access abundant resources causes the first child to be more controlling and dominant, which can be a reason for having an overwhelmingly population of world leaders, who happened to be first-born child. Rohrer, J. M proposes in the article “Examining the effects of birth order on personality” that firstborn score higher on objectively measures intelligent, which can be an outcome of being achievement oriented. Additionally, Representation of Romantic Love in Children’s Drawings based on Age and Gender Differences can help to understand the effect of age on romantic love
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