How Does Bronte Use Power In Jane Eyre

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The novel Jane Eyre, is writing by Charlotte Brontë. Brontë’s based the novel on the life of an orphaned girl who goes by the name Jane Eyre. Through out the novel brontë explores the different types of abuse, and demonstrates them through Jane’s character. It is made obvious to the reader that Jane suffers from power neglection, this can be shown through physical and mental abuse Due to Jane’s social rank, lack of fortune and being a female. However because of her life story, it shapes Jane at a young age giving her more maturity for the challenges she will face later on in life.

Jane has no physical power, this type of abuse is shown frequently during Jane’s up brining. Jane struggles with her cousin John. John never fails to miss an opportunity to
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Jane learns to an extent she can have some control over the people dictating her life. Jane uses the little power she has by wearing what she wants. After getting engaged, Rochester tells Jane how soon she will be called Jane Rochester. The thought of changing her name is strange to Jane. Rochester has a conversation with Jane about the jewels he is having sent to them. Jane tries to explain to Rochester that she doesn’t want the jewels, because “jewels for Jane Eyre seem unnatural”.( 261 )Rochester describes how he will put a diamond necklace around her neck, and clasp her bracelet’s around her wrists. To Jane this all sounds like imprisonment, and as a result Jane grows even more resistant towards Rochester. When Jane denies the jewels she is denying the little power she has over Rochester controlling her. Rochester wants to turn Jane into a fine lady, by dressing her in jewels, fine cloth, traveling with her and making people acknowledged her beauty. Through out this part of the novel it is made clear that Jane struggles to have control over herself, do to the simple fact that Rochester continuously tries to control
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