How Does Brown Prevent Chronic Sleep Deprivation?

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In the article from the LA Times, “Sleep Deprivation Has Genetic Consequences, Study Finds,” Eryn Brown advocates that genetic and health problems can be caused by chronic sleep deprivation. Brown states that people who are deprived of sleep have a much higher chance of getting obese and having cardiovascular difficulties. She maintains her claim by addressing a multitude of researchers who proved her claim, then she presents an experiment conducted by two analysts that specialize in sleep, and finally Brown elaborates with scientific statistics. Brown writes it in a comprehensive tone for individuals. Her entire article gives clues such as “...analysis revealed that genes involved in inflammation, immunity and protein damage were activated…” and “... millions of people might be sustaining damage to their body. She is warning her readers that although they may think chronic sleep deprivation will just…show more content…
Brown has obviously spent much time on the research that went behind elucidating her point. My favorite components were the first and third paragraphs. Brown used engaging and unique words to appeal towards the audience who dislike scientific or difficult ideas. For example, “Night shift workers, college crammers, and all the rest of us who get less than our fair share of zzz’s are more likely to be obese and to suffer from cardiovascular woes…” By combining the experiences many readers will relate to and the scientific portion, Brown uses this method to capture the reader’s eye. If the sentence was like this: “People who are chronically sleep deprived have a higher chance of obesity and cardiovascular difficulties,” The paragraph would be much more dull. In conclusion, Brown has successfully created an article that not only informs others of chronic sleep deprivation, but gives a pop of interest. She combined exceptional pieces of evidence and has proved her
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