How Does Buddhism Treat Its Women

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In all areas of life and society the treatment and well being of women have always been challenged. In many religions the role and status of its women are usually overwhelmed by the actions and roles of its men this inequality of religions between male and female allows these feelings and ideology of which sex is superior or inferior to bleed into a society’s culture thus shaping their treatment of their men and women. For Indian women during ancient times their entire lives seemed to be under control; from childhood by their parents, then under the watch of their husbands and as they grow older the hands of their sons. Luckily these women were given a type of out of this lifestyle with the support of Buddhism. Buddhism a philosophy focused on spiritual development towards the true insight of the nature of reality. Buddhism included practices such as meditation as a means of changing yourself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom. So how does buddhism treat its women followers are they also subjected to the same prejudice and oppression that individuals outside of the religion. To answer these questions would be looking at the Buddha himself Siddhartha Gautama or ‘The Supreme Buddha’ was unapologetically open in his belief that women had the same potential and perseverance as men did. As one of the only religious leaders to accept women so fully in his time the Buddha 's own teachings and thoughts regarding women as equals was outlandish,to the
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