How Does Chopin Present The Women In The Story Of An Hour

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Although Chopin wrote the piece “The Story of an Hour” during a time of patriarchal societies set in the 1800’s, she explores the inner female mind through the use of her feminine lens. During the story, the author walks through the events of Louise Mallard. A family friend informs her of the death of her husband. The majority of the story focuses on the complex emotions Louise feels throughout the hour. The story ends with the arrival of Brently Mallard and the sudden death of Louise. By showing the reader the true thoughts of opinion, Chopin utilizes, shows, connects the activities of one woman to those of all women in similar situations.

In this piece, Chopin addresses women through the power of men in relationships. In 1894, women held no power over their lives and relationship; they relied heavily on the men in their lives to provide for the family. The death of Brently Mallard introduced Louise to the freedom. Because he no longer is in control of the household, she will now be able to experience life on her terms and “live for herself.” She enforces this through her statement, “there would no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women
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The ‘open square’ seen in the bedroom represents a new beginning or an open door for Louise. The window serves as a vantage point not only to the outside world but also to her new life without her husband. She sees a new perspective on life, even though the physical traits around her have not changed. Chopin specifically describes the setting outside as particularly delightful to emphasize the pleasant life in front of her; “she could see the open square before her house the tops of trees that were aquiver with the new spring of life.” Louise imagines for herself. All this is reinforced by the repetition of the word open which shows the new opportunities she
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