How Does Cinderella's Father Receive Cinderella?

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Analyzing Cinderella, a psychoanalyst could say Cinderella’s father is worried Cinderella would be married before his step-daughters. Cinderella’s father claims the slipper would not fit Cinderella. Cinderella is looked at as a disgrace to the family and if the slipper were to fit Cinderella, The Prince would make her his bride. The father wants to prevent this because that would mean the maid of the family would be courted before his two step-daughters. Perhaps a historical would say the fact that Cinderella is the family’s maid suggests the era of the story. Cinderella is a maid for her family and is treated badly. In today’s world, there aren’t really maids, but rather “housekeepers” and they don’t necessarily wait on the family, but do
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