How Does Cisco 's It Web Enablement Initiatives Reinforce And Demonstrate That Belief?

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4.CEO John Chambers believed that “by providing the end-to-end network plumbing, we can change the way entire companies and industries operate.” How did Cisco’s IT web-enablement initiatives reinforce and demonstrate that belief? Explain your answer with examples.
$100 million web-enablement initiatives have been executed by Cisco in early 1990s. Cisco strategy was to use all standard equipment, tools, and smart group of people to apply the web-enablement. Most of the interactions were network-based and begin at home page of cisco which allowed the employees to communicate with customers, partners, and suppliers more efficiently and effectively. Applications of intranet and internet were created as a part of these initiatives. Most efficient applications will be illustrated in the following lines.
Customer self- service: Cisco always treat their customers as the cornerstone of their business. Cisco website was the centerpiece of this strategy as was an credible, encyclopedic , web based resource for the information and applications. has been the customer’s destination to get answers for their questions, to find assistance to network problems, and to receive responsive, 24/7 customer service. In addition, in order to go globally, Cisco translated its website to 17 different languages for its international customers in nearly 68 countries. A statistical proof for the success that customer self - service achieved is that over than 80% of the company
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