How Does Communication Affect A Business?

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How does Communication Affect a Business?
Communication for a business is vital, whether it is for internal matters or external dealings. Such examples would include negotiating deals/contracts with fellow companies, setting staff tasks and deadlines, for colleagues to enquire about solutions to difficult problems with fellow colleagues etc. There are many different forms of communication and it is vital that a business uses the correct form depending on the task in hand. These different types are:
• Formal
• Informal
• Internal
• External
• Oral
• Written
Communication is extremely important at all levels of a business. At the head of the organisation you have management decision making, which may be very difficult or tricky without accurate information or timing, therefore consultation with staff, i.e. secretary, should help solve this problem by providing the required relevant information. At the employee base of a company communication is also essential for the co-ordination of departments, teams and groups. Through this the entire company can be aware of dealings such as marketing, production and administration as well as when, where and why they are taking place. This would prevent any confusion throughout the company. Another area where communication is imperative is the motivating of individuals, as employees may be struggling with their work or experiencing problems about the task in hand so they can enquire about solutions and know that they feel treasured within
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