How Does Communication Affect Our Identity

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1) How does communication affect the development of our personal identities?
Communication affects the development of our personal identity in several ways. One way being that the comments we receive daily, whether it be good or bad, plays a part on how we view ourselves. The things that we say to one another builds the perception that we have of ourselves. For example, if we were called smart for majority of our childhood, then we would most likely view ourself as an intelligent person. Also, our intrapersonal communication affects the development of our personal identity. Depending on how we speak to ourselves, we establish a nice self identity, or a negative one.

2) How can positive and negative communication affect our personal identity?
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The media can influence our perception. If we saw skinny models wearing make up on television and the internet, the social norm for women would be to wear make up and be skinny. Therefore, people would judge themselves and others if they did not fit this criteria because that's how women are perceived in that society. Culture can also influence our perception. Some people grew up in a home where they would come home from school and dinner would be cooked. Say a child who grew up like this went over to a friends house afterschool and the friends mom didn't get home until the evening, thus dinner wasn't cooked. The friend would think that family is odd because they eat later in the day. Our perception changes based on how we are raised, where we grew up, and what society portrays.

5) Why and how should we change negative perceptions of self, others, or society?
We should change negative perceptions of self, others and society because we were all created differently for a reason. If we begin to conform into social norms then we would all be alike. Also, negative perceptions can lead to self-fufilling prophesies. If we have negative perceptions about ourselves or others, and we begin to believe those perceptions, then we will eventually become how we or others viewed
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