How Does Cordelia Change In King Lear

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KING LEAR ESSAY My character is King Lear; King Lear is an old man with a lot of regret and sorrow. And these two things have made him gone mad. He is shocked that is daughter are betraying him. He is regretting that he banished Cordelia from the kingdom for example he says on (line 900) I did her wrong. This is a sign of regret he wish he had never banished Cordelia. And now he has to other daughter’s trying to over throw him and take his kingdom. This character has changed a lot throughout the story like at the begging he could not take the truth. For example when Cordelia told her real feeling about her father he gets so mad that he says on (line 93) nothing can come of nothing. Basically he is telling Cordelia that she will get no land
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