How Does Cranes Explain Changes of the Role of Man in the Modern World

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Module 1: How does Crane explain changes in man’s role in the modern world?

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How does Crane explain changes in man’s role in the modern world?

In the modern world, man’s role has changed dramatically because of the devolvement of technology to mechanize a lot of equipment as if they had a brain of their own. The job that those equipments are doing, use to be performed by men, which is very interesting to me. Since through modern science machines are proving to be more and more efficient then men, so may be some day men’s role in the modern society will ceased to exist. I believe that men’ role in the modern world is
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Because there was not enough high quality scientific products being invented that would make them question the idea of a higher being controlling each course of action taking by nature. Since their technology was not as advance as it is today. There were things that were already invented but, it was not enough to convince most people that there was not a greater being controlling the actions of nature. As we look in the world today, almost everything is computerize. Back then a lot of work that was controlled by men now is being control by different kinds of computers. So with that, men’s role in this modern we know and come to love is diminishing each day right before our eyes. There is nothing that can be done about it because the world will not just stop trying to improve their technology because men are losing their role in society. Soon I believed it’s going to a battle between men and machine to maintain the balance when it comes to who controls who. In conclusion, what I come to understand after reading the book of The Open Boat by Stephen crane, is that nature is going to take its course regardless of how well machines are being manufactured or how advanced technology are becoming . So in the fight between men and machines to maintain their role in the modern world, men shall prevail because we are part of
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