How Does Creativity Improve The Efficiency Of A Routine Task Or Repairing The Washing Machine?

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When asked to think of a personal definition of the term “creativity,” and the role it plays in my life, the task actually ends up being rather difficult because creativity manifests itself in almost every aspect of my life. Any problem I am faced with, whether it’s improving the efficiency of a routine task or repairing the washing machine, is easily solved because I’ve never second guessed my abilities and I am quick to formulate a plan. Also, I continually find myself in the middle of playing an instrument, or painting, and wonder, “why do I enjoy doing this?” I can never exactly pinpoint the initial push to do something creative; it just happens. How can one define something that occurs with such regular frequency, like breathing or foot tapping? Personally, creativity is simply doing something that I’ve never done that produces results which release endorphins. Every time I have fixed a broken device, or found a new rhythm that sets off an emotion, I gain a sense of happiness and inspiration. Also, in many times where my creativity and ideas have been beneficial, I feel a part of something larger, with a sense of involvement. This feeling, whether it be a chemical reaction or divine, is what naturally pushes me to be the most creative person I can be. With creativity exhibiting itself in many different aspects of my life, I often find myself employing the tactics of cross-fertilization. Utilizing this creative process has brought forth innovations and concepts that…
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